Company Profile

Company Profile

AttrasCo with remarkable experience in importing, exporting and supplying primary material from more than 100 petrochemicals, refineries and manufacturing plants has always aimed to be the reliable choice in supplying your essential commodity needs.

AttrasCo carries out the responsibility of ensuring our clients across the world receives petroleum, petrochemical and mineral products of the highest standard and superiority in the industry. Our main goal is continuous development and expansion through ongoing research, evaluating market demand which is achievable through 5 main pillars:

  •  Competitive price
  •  Lowest time required for product to arrive to the desired destination
  •  Lowest transportation cost
  •  Lowest profit margin for our company
  •  Greatest customer satisfaction

Our exports and collaborations include but are not limited to India, China, Oman United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Afghanistan and East African countries. Whether you require advice from our team of expertise or require official quotation, our objective is to be your main choice for your essential petrochemical and petroleum requirements.

Today, AttrasCo is one of the leading exporter of petroleum, petrochemical and mineral products in Middle East and acts as one of the prominent global trading companies offering effective and reliable services through responsible Human resources.

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